Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flooding in Alton

Remember the Alton flood of 1973?  Most of you probably do not.  For Alton natives there is a constant reminder of how high these waters got on one of our downtown buildings.  This week, the flood waters in Alton are creeping closer and closer to that high water mark. 
They are not projected to come close to the 1993 water line ( 42.72 feet - in red), which is great, but according to The Alton Telegraph, the water is predicted to crest in the afternoon of June 4th, 2013 at 36 feet. 
What does this mean for Alton?  So far, this flooding has closed most of the riverfront, the Clark Bridge, the river road and many local businesses.  Also, at 8pm last night, sirens sounded in our neighboring city of West Alton, MO ordering the residents to evacuate.  
Also, here are some other photos to show the effects of the flooding:

This is a scary situation.  Which can bring about that old feeling of helplessness that we mentioned here.  And unfortunately, at this time we have no information on volunteering opportunities, as the city will be using a sandbagging machine equipped with 4,000 sandbags to stave off the water.  However, we would like to provide you with this link to show which areas are at risk of flooding and this link which provides information about road closures. 
We are urging all to be safe and to try to help those in need.

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