Monday, August 12, 2013

Are You Forgetting Something??

As the summer winds down and everyone is trying to soak up the last of the precious sun, we find it necessary to ask- When applying sunscreen, are you forgetting something?  The something we are referring to is one area that is commonly missed when slathering on the 'screen-- YOUR LIPS!  Even though they are on the face that you (better be) generously suncreening, they are commonly forgotten.  Your skin on your lips is just as susceptible to cancer as the rest of the skin on your body. (read here)  
Further, the skin on your lips is much thinner than elsewhere on your body.  So, forgetting to apply sunscreen to them can quickly make them dry out or can even cause Actinic cheilitis.  Worth looking up- it is very common and becoming moreso.

Sun damage to the skin and lips is so common that doctors and dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen and lip protection everyday, even non-sunny days.  AND DON'T EVEN GET US STARTED ON TANNING!  
: )

Please just be aware and protect your pretty pout.  It's the only one you got- and it contributes to your beautiful smiles!

PS if putting stuff on your lips is not your thing, you can always wear a big hat!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Soda Addiction
 Do you love your sugary liquid and just cannot find a way to break the soda habit?  We have some information that might help you change your mind.  Don't get us wrong, soda is good... SOMETIMES.  Its when it is an everyday habit that it can be a problem. 
We are learning, sadly, that diet soda can be just as bad as regular soda when it is consumed in excess.
It is hard to look at, but:
Yes, that says that the mouth on the left is that of a methamphetamine user and the one on the right, a DIET soda abuser.  
As stated above, a soda (even non-diet), every once in a while is fine, but when it becomes a habit, it shows. This is because the sugar in the soda is not the only damaging ingredient. The citric acid in regular and diet soda erodes the enamel on your teeth.  
The individual of interest in this article abuses soda to the extent of drinking 2 liters daily for three to five years.  Whoa.  Sounds crazy, right?  But, unfortunately, it is more common than one would think.  Just ask your dentist.  Need more convincing?  This one has a crazy comparison of soda drinker to drug user and the facts are staggering. 
As with anything, moderation is always key.  But, if water is not helping to kick your soda habit, check out this article with tons of soda alternatives.  Your teeth and your body will thank you (and so will your orthodontist and dentist). : )

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Social Following

Today will be a brief post about networking of the social kind.  We just wanted to let our friendly followers know that our Heintz Orthodontics Facebook fan Page is super duper close to reaching 300 likes and we are really pushing to get it there!  

Please visit our page and give us a like.  While you are at it, we just wanted to let you all know that we are on twitter @heintzortho and Instagram @heintzortho.  Last, and surely not least, we are on Pinterest.   This might be our favorite because we post braces-friendly recipes, proper care for your braces, jokes, neat articles and other things that help us share smiles; because smiling's our favorite! 
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We hope you are already following This blog and we look forward to some fan love on our other sites.  Thanks... our fans and patients mean the world to us!!  

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

The Benefits of Straight Teeth
Straight teeth give you a pretty smile and that is it, right?  So, so very wrong.  Yes, straight teeth can make anybody smile prettier:

But, the aesthetic benefits of Orthodontic treatment are only a small portion of the many health benefits of having straight teeth.  

The most important of these health benefits to discuss is cleaner teeth.  When teeth are misaligned and crowded, it is more difficult to brush and floss them.  And, as we all know, poor brushing and flossing contributes to tooth decay and gum disease.  

A bite that is misaligned can also lead to uneven tooth wear and put extra pressure on your jaw joint or TMJ (which we talked about here).  An improper bite can also inhibit your ability to chew properly and can cause speech impediments as well. 
So, while 50% of Americans agree that having crooked teeth makes a poor impression (see this article about an Invisalign sponsored survey), the health benefits are what make Orthodontic treatment truly worth it. If you are one of the 74% of adults suffering from malocclusion, or bad bite, you may consider the benefits that it may have on your overall health. 
For a more in depth look and to see the long term risks of having crooked teeth, you should watch this short video by Invisalign:
So, figure out if Orthodontics can help to create a healthier you!
Oh, and check out some of our before and afters here and here 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


What is TMJ?  TMJ stands for Temporo-Mandibular Joint. Seen here:
 As you may have inferred from the name, the Temporo-Mandibular Joint is the joint that exists where your temporal bone meets your mandible, or lower jaw.  If someone is experiencing pain in this area they may or may not have TMD, or Temporo-Mandibular Disorder. 
Generally speaking, most people who do experience pain in this area automatically jump to the conclusion that they are experiencing TMD pain.  However, the symptoms of TMD are rather broad and can be a signal for many other issues.  Because of this reason, it is important to visit your dentist for a diagnosis, to rule out the possibility of other, more serious dental problems.  
TMD is generally more common in females than in males and it generally occurs between the ages of 20 and 40.  Just like any other joint in the body, the TMJ is subject to wear and tear, which is one of many causes of TMD.  
There are many household remedies or therapies to alleviate the pain that is caused by TMD.  And extreme cases may need to be fitted for a mouthguard to prevent clenching, grinding, etc.  But, TMD has been known to cause misaligned jaws, unevenly worn teeth, and other problems that may be fixed or lessened with adult orthodontic treatment.
So, if you experience pain and you suspect that it may be caused by TMD, it is important to get a diagnosis from your dentist to assess what steps and treatment may help you in the future.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adults and Braces: Why Should You Take the Plunge??  
 The first, and most important reason: (and feel free to be done reading this posting, because you really need no other reasons) YOU DESERVE IT!
If you are still with us and would like to continue reading (thank you) let us provide you with some more reasons for pursuing orthodontic treatment. 
If, when thinking about Orthodontic treatment, a picture similar to this:

comes to mind... its time to re-think your brace face.  
Yes there are many many kids in orthodontic treatment.  This is mainly due to the fact that The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends that children see an orthodontist no later than age 7, even if there are no problems. Because the jaw is still developing and it’s best to catch issues early.  
And, bless their hearts, parents are usually so good about doing this.  So good, in fact, that more often than not parents put aside their own need for Orthodontic care to make sure their kids are taken care of.  If this is you... please stand, take a bow, pat yourself on the back... reward yourself.  Because you are amazing. (please see our Pinterest board for two examples of parents who did just this).

No, it is not too late for you.  Re-thinking your brace face yet?  Maybe we can help.  Take a look at these (very real and very famous) brace faces:

I'm seeing a trend in them.  Are you?  Oh yes- they are all adults!  And if these famous people cannot convince you.  Maybe this AMAZING website (we might be a little biased) can.  Or maybe this one can.
The truth is that braces are not the same as they used to be. There are so many different types of braces, that you have options.  And might we add that there are some new very discrete options (ahem Invisalign did we mention that we are premier preferred providers??). 
So, the choice is yours.  And boy do you have a lot of them.  But you no longer have any excuses.  You deserve to look and feel your best, no matter what age you are.  Take the plunge and call us today so we can get you on your way to your new, life-changing smile!! 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flooding in Alton

Remember the Alton flood of 1973?  Most of you probably do not.  For Alton natives there is a constant reminder of how high these waters got on one of our downtown buildings.  This week, the flood waters in Alton are creeping closer and closer to that high water mark. 
They are not projected to come close to the 1993 water line ( 42.72 feet - in red), which is great, but according to The Alton Telegraph, the water is predicted to crest in the afternoon of June 4th, 2013 at 36 feet. 
What does this mean for Alton?  So far, this flooding has closed most of the riverfront, the Clark Bridge, the river road and many local businesses.  Also, at 8pm last night, sirens sounded in our neighboring city of West Alton, MO ordering the residents to evacuate.  
Also, here are some other photos to show the effects of the flooding:

This is a scary situation.  Which can bring about that old feeling of helplessness that we mentioned here.  And unfortunately, at this time we have no information on volunteering opportunities, as the city will be using a sandbagging machine equipped with 4,000 sandbags to stave off the water.  However, we would like to provide you with this link to show which areas are at risk of flooding and this link which provides information about road closures. 
We are urging all to be safe and to try to help those in need.